Helping Children by Leaps and Bounds

Positive Bounds is a Non-Profit Organization, whose idea is to help our youth in grades K-12, achieve personal goals in activities of their choice. We are here to make it possible for them to have the ability to join a soccer team, play on a baseball league, learn martial arts, dance, sing, play music, along with so many more extracurricular activities….

Every child should be given the opportunity to have a positive outlet away from home and school, a place to be socially active and learn a skill to help them later on in life….

Children who have the opportunities to attend such activities are known to do better in school. They are more socially active, have higher self-esteems, and genuinely enjoy life more. We are here to give these opportunities to our youth who would not otherwise be capable of getting involved in these activities.

**Unfortunately we do not help with after school care or summer camp programs.